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Kimberley Kampers Off Road Camper Trailer Team

Our Team of 40+ employees

The Kimberley Kampers Off Road Camper Trailer Team


Kimberley Kampers Off Road Camper Trailers is a Team run business with pride of innovation and workmanship.

Our Business is run with priority on Customer Quality First, Team Communication second and then Production Speed third. Because quality is such an important measure, we also believe to do as much design and manufacture ourselves with very little outsourcing or sub-contracting. We even do the marketing materials, photographs, test reports ourselves.

Raw materials come in to the factory and Quality off road camper trailers leave.

Dealer Team

We have a superb team of dealers whose job is not only the sales and customer service of our products but to identify quality improvements, design enhancements and new ideas. These dealers are all keen off road camper trailer enthuisiasts so you know you can trust their advice.The Dealers meet with the Factory Team at an annual dealer meeting with a formal review process of the changing customers' requirements. They set the highest standard of quality expectations.

The quality and innovation demonstrated by Kimberley Kampers would not be possible without this Dealer Team.

Design Team

We have a design team of 8 people with extensive off road camper trailer experience between them. The Team includes 2 qualified Engineers and an Industrial Designer. All design decisions are challenged and reviewed by the Team on a regular basis. All design changes are documented, prototyped and tested before implementation. This team has an excellent track record of achieving innovative yet simple design improvements on schedule.

Production Team

Production and build schedules with quality checks are all software based and tabled in the factory for the production and assembly Teams to see with 3 weeks visibility in advance. Special orders or combinations are reviewed and discussed on the shop floor weeks in advance of production. The assembly Teams have great pride of workmanship and individually sign off on the production of each and every off road camper trailer or caravan.

Management Team

There are 5 people in the Management Team who have responsibility to operate the business:

Ron Borton: Sales & Customer Service,
Darryl Gough : Production and Quality Management,
Grant Kennington: Engineering & Overseas Export,
Cameron Johnston: Marketing and Product Design Manager
Linda Smith: Administration and Finance.
The team is led by Bruce Loxton who is the sole owner/investor.

Bruce has extensive manufacturing and auto related experience with high quality "Brand Name" products. He is an avid off road camper trailer traveller, fisherman and he escapes to a coastal region in Queensland with his 4 boys for competition & fun with a rod & reel.