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Overview - Help keep Australian Campsites Clean

The Klean Kampsite Initiative

Our goal is to motivate campers to leave a campsite cleaner than they found it.

Because Australian fauna and flora are generally threatened by rubbish in many ways. Fire, wildlife death and pollution can be serious consequences if you don't leave a clean campsite. Balance this with the pleasure of walking into a camping area of unspoilt beauty.

What are we doing about it?
Kimberley will provide are dedicated reusable bags that can be attached to the front of most off road camper trailers or off road caravans to put and store rubbish for transportation from off road campsites to refuse tips or refuse locations. The bags have both Velcro seals and ties to prevent them from coming off.

They are sized so that a commercial 60 litre disposable plastic bag can be inserted inside as a "liner".

We want to have 5000 campers with rubbish bags collecting rubbish and keeping campsites clean. If each of these campers collects an additional 20kg of rubbish a year, then 100 tonnes of rubbish will be cleared!

We need your help!
These bags are FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase a Kimberley offroad caravan or camper trailer.

If you would like to purchase a bag and help Kimberley with the Klean Kampsite Initiative you can do so here.

The bags will only be available by mail to a residential address.


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